Schooling Tracks



Our EDGE Standard track is through Global University a non-credited Bible based schooling through the Assembly of God Ministries.  This track is designed to prepare you to fill a church leadership role and to help fulfill the call of Ministry in a student’s life.  Through this track you can gain your ministerial credentialing.


Pima Community College allows you to study any passion you have while in The EDGE.  All courses are credited.  EDGE students are able to take 1-12 credit hours while in the 10 month program. Please visit for admissions and class info.


Like our Pima Track, SAGU (Southwestern Assembly of God University) is an accredited course.  Students are able to take 1-12 credit hours while in The EDGE and these courses can transfer to any College or University. See for admissions and class info

Life Courses

Financial Peace

Let Dave Ramsey show you how money really works from budgeting and dumping debt to building wealth and giving in his proven class.

Truth Project

An in-depth comparison of Biblical creation backed by scientific evidence.

Altar Training

Class describes how to effectively minister at the altars. Class will go into the gifts of the Spirit and the super natural.

Communication 101

How to effectively communicate, dealing with human relations and connect with people for the purpose of evangelism.

Under Cover

Learn what God says about authorities and living under Kingdom principles.  This class is meant to challenge your thinking.

Christ Life

A 13 week course that leads participants through a journey of self-discovery. Revisit your past and find out what makes you tic! This course is designed to bring freedom into your life like nothing you’ve ever experienced.

Scripture Studies

In The EDGE you have the opportunity to study approximately 200 scriptures. The purpose of studying scripture is to develop a lifestyle of living by the Word of God. It is our hope that when you are faced with situations in ministry and in your personal life, that you will recall and apply relevant scriptures.


  1. Study and memorize four scriptures per week.
  2. Complete Scripture Study Packets to be turned in with tests weekly.

Content of Scripture Study Packets:

Topical Overview

Daily Study

Devotional Outline


Book Studies

Upon arrival, each EDGE intern will receive a Nexus tablet and a Kindle account for all book studies. As a part of your tuition you will receive one book each month.  Each book is chosen by EDGE leadership with the intent to make you think, grow, and challenge yourself beyond your limits. You will then turn in a book report due on the last day of each month.