The Edge College exists to ensure that the next generation of leaders is committed to pursuing the presence of God, academic excellence, and leading with a spirit of servanthood, all while championing the cause of the local church.  Each of these is facilitated in a community of fervent pastors, leaders, and peers at Victory Worship Center in Tucson, Arizona.



We believe that the college experience and a ministry internship can go hand-in-hand. Students have the opportunity to pursue their degree through our academic provider, Southeastern University, who offers degree programs at a discounted rate at Victory Worship Center. SEU’s degree programs are designed to equip students with the tools they need to succeed in ministry or the workplace.



We believe character and leadership are cultivated in the place of servanthood. Through our Ministry Practicums, under the guidance of Pastors and Leaders at Victory Worship Center, each student will receive practical ministry training as they serve in various ministries, such as Worship, Children’s, Youth, Production, Creative, Outreach, and much more.



We believe in equipping the next generation to walk in their gifts, calling, and purpose. During your studies at Victory, you will be challenged to fulfill your God-given purpose and successfully enter into the next season of life with passion and vision for the future.