Typical Week

In The EDGE, students will adhere to a weekly schedule that begins on Monday. Throughout each week EDGE interns serve, lead, and learn in many different environments.


Prayer and Devotion

Every morning students will have an hour of prayer and devotions to meet with God and give Him the first fruits of the day. Over the course of the 10 months, each student reads through the whole bible.



Once a week, The EDGE will have Chapel with various speakers; including our EDGE Staff and of the VWC Pastors. We will spend time in worship and prayer together in a service tailored just for them!


Discipleship Groups

Each EDGE students is put into a gender specific Discipleship Group that meets once a week. These groups study scripture, read books, and learn to sharpen one another in pursuing Jesus.



The EDGE is a program that allows students to experience all different areas of ministry. Twice a week for three hours, students will be placed in shifts to serve in every ministry of Victory.  Some of these ministries include youth, children’s, outreach, maintenance, tech and so much more.



Saturday mornings, the EDGE volunteers with Bethlehem House, which is a ministry at Victory giving free bags of groceries to those less fortunate in Tucson. The students will also participate in Healing Rooms; this is where people all around Tucson come to receive prayer for healing in any area of their life. The EDGE is constantly serving both the church and the community of Tucson.



On Sunday Mornings, The EDGE is involved in serving two services and attending one service.  Students can serve in Jr. High, Children’s, Guest Services, tech and more.

General Calendar


Edge Year 2017-2018


September 1st

September 2nd




August (TBD)

Move-in Day


Thanksgiving Break

Christmas Break

Spring Break

Graduation Day



Dorm Life

Students live in dorm style apartments near the church during their 11 months in the program.  Each apartment comes with full kitchen, 2 baths and common area to hang out with all of your roomies.  Rooms come complete with a bunk bed, full size dresser per student and a large closet.  Each student will be paired up with 2-3 roommates in each apartment.


Two days a week for one hour each day students will participate in workouts to maintain a healthy physical body and will be tested quarterly in order to track growth in fitness. Students also receive local gym memberships that allow them to workout as they have time in their schedule.


Every week, each apartment is given a food card that they purchase food with.  This helps students learn how to budget and use their money wisely. Students will be responsible for preparing their own meals, both individually and with their roommates.

Upon arrival all students are required to pay a $100 housing deposit that will be reimbursed at the end of the 10 months if no damages have accrued.