What is the Edge?

The Edge exists to ensure that the next generation of leaders is committed to passionate prayer, pursuing the presence of God, leading with a spirit of servanthood and championing the cause of the local church. Students are trained in a culture of prayer, while learning to lead in their sphere of influence and cultivating their gifts by serving in the local church context. Each of these is facilitated in a community of fervent pastors, leaders, and peers at Victory Worship Center in Tucson, Arizona. 

Edge Distinctives



In a culture of honor, God often does his best work in the hearts and lives of His people. In a generation that is void of honor for God and others, we choose to live counter-culturally. We recognize that every single person carries a valuable gift from God, and we relate to them accordingly.


Spiritual hunger is a choice, and hunger gives way to more hunger. We choose to live Christian lives that exhibit a desperate longing for the presence of God in our worship, prayer, and everyday lifestyles.


The Spirit-empowered life is one of power! We can do nothing without the supernatural power and presence of the Holy Spirit. His ministry and gifts equip us to be and do all that God has purposed for us. 


We have decided to respond to Jesus’ invitation to follow Him with a radical, “Yes!” Our “Yes” to Him is a wholehearted, sacrificial willingness exemplified by how we spend our time, talents, and treasures.


Pastor Brandon Cormier

Edge Internship - Director

Elevate Ministries - Pastor


Pastor Buckie Thornock

Associate Pastor


Abree Thornock

Women's Discipleship Director


Vanessa Moraida