Why The EDGE?

There are a ton of great options out there when planning your future. What sets The EDGE Internship apart from other internships is it’s passion for hands-on ministry and discipleship. We make it our mission to invest, develop and motivate students to fulfill the call that God has on their lives. To do this, the EDGE is committed to one-on-one and group discipleship with each intern. We are based in Tucson AZ at Victory Worship Center under the leadership of Pastors Waylon and Dana Sears


The program is designed to help students focus on the spiritual, mental, physical and emotional aspects of life. The EDGE will draw you out from the middle, sharpen you, and give you direction.

 While in The EDGE it is our desire to challenge and assist you in improving your WHOLE self and impacting the following areas of your life:


You will get to a place of personal relationship with God, really knowing God, prayer, devotions, worship, fasting. 

Servant Hood

The EDGE will let you experience the work of ministry; if you want to lead you need to be a servant first. Leadership = servant hood.  


You will learn various ways to communicate; within the team, peer to peer, to those you lead and to those you follow.



While in The EDGE you will expand your knowledge and administration of the supernatural gifts of the Spirit.


The EDGE will help you to develop personal disciplines that prepare you for your future whether it be in full time ministry or in a secular occupation